Pascal Objects Eye Tracking (POET) v1.1

Dim P. PapadopoulosAlasdair D. F. ClarkeFrank KellerVittorio Ferrari


Welcome to this release of the Pascal Objects Eye Tracking (POET) dataset. We collected eye tracking data for the complete trainval set of ten objects classes (cat, dog, bicycle, motorbike, boat, aeroplane, horse, cow, sofa, diningtable) from Pascal VOC 2012 [2] (6,270 images in total). Each image is annotated with the eye movement record of five participants, whose task was to identify which object class was present in the image
(see [1] for more details). This dataset was first published in [1]. Please cite it if you use this dataset.


Filename Description Size A single zip file with eye tracking data on Pascal VOC 2012 trainval images and matlab code to read and display eye movements on images.
(The zip file also contains the Pascal VOC 2012 trainval images)
README.txt Description of contents 4KB


New in v1.1:

  • Files with the split of images into Rbb+fix and Rfix sets were added to the zip file. (see [1] for more details about the sets)


  1. Training object class detectors from eye tracking data
    Dim P. PapadopoulosAlasdair D. F. ClarkeFrank KellerVittorio Ferrari,
    In European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2014.
  2. The PASCAL Visual Object Classes Challenge 2012 (VOC2012) Results
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