Efficient appearance distances between windows

B. Alexe, V. Petrescu, V. Ferrari


Welcome to this software release of our method for efficiently computing the distance of high-dimensional appearance descriptor vectors between image windows. In [1] we propose two efficient algorithms for computing distances of appearance descriptors between two sets of image windows, by taking advantage of the spatial overlap structure in the sets. These algorithms greatly reduce the number of appearance distances computed when solving the following two tasks:

T1. find all pairs of windows with distance smaller that a threshold
T2. find the single pair with the smallest distance
This release covers the functionality described in [1].
Input: two sets of image windows and their appearance descriptors
Output: approximate solution to task T1 or T2, computed very efficiently


Filename Description Size
EfficientAppDistances.zip Source code (Matlab/C) 81MB
README.txt Description of contents 2KB


  1. Exploiting spatial overlap to efficiently compute appearance distances between image windows
    Bogdan Alexe, Viviana Petrescu and Vittorio Ferrari,
    In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), 2011.