Fast Video Segmentation v1.2

Anestis PapazoglouVittorio Ferrari


This software implements the full video segmentation pipeline of [1]. It produces foreground-background segmentations of a test video, without any manual initialisation. The software was developed under 64-bit Linux with Matlab R2012b/R2013a. There is no guarantee it will run on other operating systems or Matlab versions (though it probably will).

How fast is it?

The code typically takes 0.5 seconds/frame on a desktop PC, excluding the optical flow computation. For the optical flow, we have bundled the code of [2] in our release, which we have found that it takes 3.5 seconds/frame on average for an image size of 350×400. If you have a CUDA capable GPU, we also bundle a wrapper for the code of [3] which typically takes 1 second/frame for the same image size.


The software has been used by Han et al. who placed second in the object detection from video category of ILSVRC2015.



Filename Description Size
FastVideoSegmentation Source code (Matlab/C++) 25MB
README.txt Description of contents 12KB


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